Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • DVR Sunglasses Test Video This is another test using the Mini DV D008 Spy Sunglasses. Get you a pair for cheap, visit the links on the link above. They are not a name brand. I got them on ebay. Compare to the ones Cabelas sells for 0 !! Yes the windshield is dirty, and the base destroys the music, deal with it. This was me leaving walmart parking lot heading to the gym right after I got my 8 gig micro sd card

  • CNN Features Camcorder Spy Sunglasses From BrickHouse Security In this excerpt from a larger CNN segment highlighting BrickHouse Security, Mario Armstrong shows Randi Kaye camcorder spy sunglasses. This bodyworn hidden camera is able to capture hours of video with the push of button. Record everything you see in high definition and transfer your video easily to any computer via USB. For more information about these products, click here: BrickHouse Security

  • Spy Glasses 1280 x 720 Stationary Sample Video

    Here is some video, indoors, with Spy video sunglasses 1280×720. Reported to have 5MP CMOS..but no way of telling. It’s pretty good. This is where I set the Glasses on my lap and let them record video. These have to have some light. Bought them from 11allthebest1 on Ebay, from China. The still photos they take are also not bad… if you hold the glasses nice and still, and wait for it to save the file completely on the TF card. Not bad. .

  • B-Day Gifts: Linux Fish, Coffee Mug, SPY Sunglasses, Awesome Cooking Pot

    My Son bought me a magnetic Linux fish, and a cool coffee mug. Wife bought me awesome new SPY sunglasses (Cooper, polarized), and parents bought me an awesome pot to cook my pot roast in! Music From: More PC-Addicts Subscribe! Youtube Channel Follow us on Twitter Find us on Facebook Chat LIVE with other PC-Addicts members Check out our websites – PC-Addicts website http – Greatshark IRC – FREE PC-Addicts URL Trimming Service – birthday b-day “birthday gifts” gadgets “computer tips & tricks” tips tricks “computer tips” tech hacks live support chat