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  • Spy Net Video Glasses — Sample footage and details

    Here’s a first look at a production model of the Spy Net Stealth Recording Video Glasses ( from Jakks Pacific) with 128 MB of memory, a tiny lithium polymer battery, a microphone, camera and video camera. The tiny camera is housed in the bridge of the glasses. It captures .avi video and sound; or stills and costs . See the full review in the October 2011 issue of Children’s Technology Review ( Thanks to Ben Kates for the excellent video editing and the the kids at Mediatech Foundation (http

  • Sunglasses Video Camera Testing first impressions Spy Camera

    Bought these on eBay for .99 + .99 shipping (US Dollars). So for bucks I wasn’t expecting a whole hell of a lot. Surprisingly enough, they actually work. Even more surprising, the video quality is actually pretty good, even in the low light of my bedroom at night. The date stamp is annoying, but pretty easy to program. I’ll try and figure out how to get rid of it, but it may be hard-wired into the firmware. The mic is too sensitiive to noise, but again, it works and for I have no room to complain. The lens are supposedly polarized, but they wanted to fall out right out of the packaging so I put some superglue in each corner. I also put a retainer band on the back of the ear pieces to keep them from falling off my head. They use USB to recharge the LiOn battery and they use a micro SD card for storage. 30fps shooting at 700×460 (or somewhere around there). (.avi format) Again for I’m just impressed they actually work. I saw some more expensive ones that looked just like this in a shop for around 0. I think they came with interchangeable lenses and other colors. I would hope they were better quality for 0. My guess is that these ones I got on eBay from a Tiawanese seller were just cheap knock-offs. If they last a couple trips I’ll feel like I got my money’s worth. If I do end up using them a lot I might go ahead and get the better quality ones It sure is nice to have hands’ free video. There’s some neat possibilities with these…