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  • horace handy – spying glass [dance hall style]

    By modern standards, a six-song set barely qualifies as a single, never mind as a full-length album, but with each stellar song featured in its extended form, Dance Hall Style doesn’t merely pass muster as an album, but as a masterpiece. As with all the Wackies sets from this era, it’s the riddims and arrangements that inspire absolute awe, but as Horace Andy gives each of them his all, this album is as notable for his performances as for Lloyd Barnes’ sensational production and his studio band’s phenomenal musicianship. Incidentally, Andy himself provided bass, rhythm, and lead guitar on the album. Not all the songs, however, are new — two revisit a pair of the star’s earlier hits. Andy cut “Lonely Woman” for Derrick Harriott back in 1972, and for it, Barnes created a sizzling new riddim that bristles with militancy, while still echoing back to the days of early reggae, before flashing over into pure roots rockers in the tense dub section. “Money Money” was cut for Bunny Lee a few years later in rockers style, and so Barnes instead takes it immediately into deep dread territory, filling the atmosphere with absolute menace. “Cuss Cuss” was also an old hit, not for Andy, though, but for Lloyd Robinson back in 1969. Here Barnes creates a riddim that is pure malevolence, with a stark atmosphere that is dread-filled but with an arrangement that sizzles with the blues. Andy’s own powerful “Stop the Fuss,” a new number, tackles the same topic, but adds a strong unity message

  • REVIEWS : Test For HD Spy Camera Sunglasses

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  • 7 Diecast Cars 2 Mater with spy glasses diecast Damaged Rod Torque Redline Disney Mattel

    Hello youtube, just found some brand new die-cast cars 2 from Pixar Disney “Mater’s Secret Mission” collection. Here we have 7 diecast cars in 1:55 scale, about 4 inches long. I’m also showing “Lightning mcqueen with metallic finish” from TRU Toysrus. , yeah thats right this is a rare ransburg McQueen with metallic finish diecast. 01) Gremlin 02) Damaged Red Torque Redline 03) Finn McMissle with weapon 04) “Mater with spy glasses” 05) “Lightning Mcqueen metallic finish” RANSBURG 06) ACER 07) Grem Damaged Rod “Torque” Redline He is considered by many as the greatest American spy in the world. Recruited after the Cold War for both his brains and brawn, Torque is a tough-as-nails Detroit muscle car with a mastery of disguises. In his latest deep-cover operation, he obtained vital information about the plot to sabotage the World Grand Prix. GREMLIN Grem also called Gremlin is a dented, rusty orange Gremlin After years of being dismissed for his design, even being called a “lemon,” Grem has a big chip on his fender that has led him to the underworld of international espionage. As a henchman for a villainous boss Professor Z, Grem and his partner-in-crime Acer are trying to sabotage the World Grand Prix and the famous race cars competing in it. His license plate reads WREKD. On Gremlin tires reads “Rolling Stop”. ACER Acer has always felt like an outcast in the car world. The beat-up green car joined forces with fellow “lemon” cars as henchmen for the devious Professor Z, whose