Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • 720p DracoTek HD Spy Sunglasses Review

    So I ordered these glasses off eBay for about . Overall, they are bulky, but they do record high quality. I did have massive trouble trying to get the AVI video into Sony Vegas to add to this review, but the Codec’s just would not work. Hence, I’ve uploaded a seperate video with the actual camera footage.

  • Testing my new spy glasses brand name i-Kam Xtream

    I returned the first pair of Spy Glasses which cost me .00 because the video was horrible and it kept loosing frames while taking a video. I ordered a new pair of Spy Glasses which claims you should not order from other companies which are cheap knock off of their high quality Spay Glasses. This new company, Revolutionary Outdoor Products, sold me a branded name, i-Kam Xtream paid of Spy Glasses for 9.99. I really hope it’s an improvement over the first pair I ordered from the other company,

  • Spy Shop’s One Touch HD DVR Spy Glasses

    One Touch HD DVR Spy Glasses The highly purchased One Touch DVR spy glasses is what our spies use when in covert operations or meetings. These spy DVR glasses have high quality 1280×960 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second with superb audio recording pick up to 15 feet clearly. Simple to use and easy to operate by pressing the covert button which turns on the unit and starts recording in one touch. After capturing the needed evidence, plug into the PC with included USB cable, download and watch all the videos recorded with time/date stamping. Unit takes a micro SD card up to 8GB for up to 8 hours of good quality recording on a 90 minute rechargeable internal battery. Specifications: – 62 Degree Viewing Angle – 1 Lux Minimum Illumination – Video Format AVI – 1280×960 Resolution – 30 Frames per Second – 4032×3024 Photo Image Format JPG – 16KHz Voice Sampling – USB 2.0/1.1 – Battery Charge 5V Copyright 2012 TABOB Enterprises Group, Inc. 1403 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77006 Toll: 1-888-612-9884 Local: 713-774-1000