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  • Spy Glasses 03.AVI

    Brand New Spy Glasses have never worked, received them in sealed plastic and once we recharged it we found it doesn’t work. We were told to charge it again and so we did and again the exact same response – No Functionality or even power. It receives power when plugged in because the red and blue LEDs light up, but once you unplug the USB or DC charger and Nothing. Seems like the Power Button is weak – but some times it does make the clicking sound and even then the glasses won’t turn on. For 0.00 and over 4 weeks for delivery we’re extremely disappointed, and now it will cost us more money to return – it was a complete loss, lost time, lost money, lost ability to use this device in a timely manner. It will probably will cost us 40-50 dollars to return this to Hong Kong and we get nothing in return for that expense. What a RIP OFF… We’re so Angry. Buyers Beware…

  • Hi Resolution Self recording Hidden Spy Camera Sunglasses World’s Best Self-recording Hidden Spy Camera Sunglasses Elegant design suitable for both men and women users Make Everlasting ! Life full of its brilliant moments with this sunglasses DVR on, you will never let any memorable scene sneak away from life. Record indoor/outdoor activities such as meetings, Evidence,more. Record interviews and other key events to review them later Easily To Use plug and play. Just charge it and then press the record button to begin recording. Supports Webcam, Snapshot Self-recording Hidden Spy Cam Sunglasses Features: Small Contour design, which does UV spray finishing of rht ewhole body. It is very fashionable and wearable and matches with all kinds of portable tools. Polaroid Lens One of the smallest hidden camera built in sunglasses Microswitch controls for easy operation With extended slot for TF(Micro SD) card. Easy connection with PC/Laptops, and no driver needed. Elegant design suitable for both men and women users. Specifications: .AVI video format 720*480 pixels Video Resolution 30 fps Recording frame Support max 16GB Micro SD Card Support USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 Build-in lithium battery which can make a video more than one hour, the standby time is up to 130-150 minutes Includes: Hidden Spy Cam Sunglasses Sunglasses Case Travel Charger USB cable Manual Instruction NOTE: TF(micro SD) card is not included in the package

  • Gadget – USB Spy Camera Video Recorder Sun Glasses with Bluetooth & 4GB MP3 Player [HD]

    ^^ CLICK HERE FOR LINKS TO ONLINE STORES ^^ – Product: Hidden Camera + Video Recorder + MP3 Player + Bluetooth + Sun Glasses – Suitable for both man and woman use – 1.3 mega pixels pinhole CMOS camera for clear digital recording – Built in 4GB memory for as long as 100 min video recording – Effective range: 7-10 meters, 60 degrees – Power source: internal 400mAh polymer lithium rechargeable battery. Support more than 3 hours video recording, and 6 hours MP3/FM playing. Battery recharge time: 2.5 hours – Headphone output power: 5mW frequency: 20Hz~20 KHz – Music player supports MP3/WMA/WMV/WAVformats – Video format: AVI – Video resolution: 640*480 – Photographing: 1280*960 – USB interface: 2.0 high speed – OS support: Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/Vista – Package: – 1* Spy Glasses – 1* Power adaptor: input AC 100~240V 50/60Hz, output DC 5.2V 500mA – 1* USB power cable – 1* Carrying case – 1* Cleaning cloth – 1* User manual Buy Rechargeable Spy Sunglasses MP3 Player+Hidden Camera Camcorder+Bluetooth(4GB) from PriceAngels –

  • HomeMade Spy Sunglasses: Do It Yourself ! | DIY Project

    Below you’ll find a list of the components needed to make these cool spy sunglasses. And If you enjoy my videos, please subscribe, comment/rate, etc. Thank you Sunglasses. The frame size is perfect for this project – Mini Spy Camera with Audio – Scissors or wire cutters. My favorite tool for this kind of task is the 5-in-1Multi-Purpose Scissors right here – Black Wires 24 Gauge – Soldering Iron. You won’t need an expensive one for this project. – Heat Shrinkable Wire Wrap – Sticky Ass Glue (Strong Glue, the best IMHO) – ( Optional ) USB S-Video and Composite Video Capture Cable with Audio TV. You may prefer this over buying a new DV Camcorder if you don’t have one already. This alternative recording method could prove more handy and less expensive. It fits nicely into a pocket – – If you already have a DV camcorder you may only need to add an RCA to USB adapter – And if really you don’t want to go through the hassle of assembling your own spy sunglasses you can always give a try to this pre-assembled model – How To Make Spy Sunglasses How To Make Spy Sunglasses : Secretly record video and audio without anyone knowing with these stealth spy sunglasses that cost less than . Now you can have your very own hidden camera! Think of the possibilities!Secretly record video and audio without anyone knowing with these stealth spy sunglasses that cost less than . Now you can have your very own

  • Camcorder Spy Sunglasses Channel your inner James Bond with our newest Camcorder Spy Sunglasses! No one will ever suspect that the sunglasses you’re wearing are actually a hidden camera with built-in DVR. These stylish sunglasses feature micro controls that let you activate the camera with the touch of a button. Camcorder Spy Sunglasses let you record life through your own eyes – great for those times you wish you had a camcorder handy to capture one-of-a-kind moments. Use the Camcorder Spy Sunglasses to record hands-free on the go. Record sporting events whether you’re the player or the spectator. Share moments from your trip with family and friends. Great for extreme sports such as skydiving, snowboarding, and skateboarding, as well as spectator sports like basketball or baseball games, concerts, or even use the Camcorder Spy Sunglasses for covert operations to capture footage discreetly. Features: * Capture one-of-a-kind moments, evidence, or surveillance footage * High resolution 320×240 image * Easy connection to any computer, no driver needed * One-touch controls built-into the sunglasses * Wireless design for on-the-go recording * Built-in DVR for easy recording to the internal memory * Camera lens does not glow Specifications: * 2 GB internal memory * Allows up to 5 hours of video recording * Memory slot for extended memory * (up to 2GB micro SD card, not included) * 1.3 mega pixels pinhole CMOS camera * Internal rechargeable battery 110/220 volt * Charge via